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When considering a new start in beauty therapy, it is important that you select a course that will enable you to achieve your career goals whether that is to gain employment straight after qualifying or to build your own business working from home or mobile.

Qualifications are the best training option for students who wish to gain employment within a salon, spa, nail bar or cruise ship following qualification. They are often also needed by those who want to establish their own business premises such as a salon or permanent treatment room. The Qualification route is also ideal for those who are unsure of their plans after training or want to leave the future career options open to a wider range of opportunities.

Employers value qualifications as they demonstrate the therapist’s competence to achieve a recognised industry standard, that you have completed an accredited beauty training course and you are dedicated to high standards within the industry.

VTCT awards are known around the World for excellence with a long history of recognition amongst employers. VTCT qualifications are recognised in many countries but also one of the most favoured qualifications by UK based employers.

If wishing to work abroad, we do recommend students to check with the relevant authority in that country of the industry requirements. Qualifications are often required by local authorities to allow you to gain a licence to practice within a salon. Students are recommended to establish the local requirements prior to enrolling. Holding these prestigious awards shows an employer that you are committed to your career and have invested time and effort into gaining the relevant qualifications.

VTCT diplomas and certificates are held in high esteem as they have a proven and rigorous assessment process. A written assessment day and written coursework is an essential part of any VTCT qualification. A good command of the English language, both written and verbal is therefore required to complete this award.

To achieve a VTCT award*, you will:

1) Attend practical training days for which you achieve Hampshire Beauty Training Diploma. This allows you to put beauty insurance in place to work from home or mobile, should you wish.

2) You will now need to purchase starter kits or begin to build up your range of products/tools at home to build a portfolio of case studies as part of your coursework.

3) The coursework is completed from home and involves written assignments which are completed on pc and submitted by email. Study materials are provided to assist your learning. You will also complete a range of treatments on friends and family and submit evidence of your practice as a portfolio. The coursework allows you to develop your knowledge of the theory at your own pace and also build confidence through practice of your treatments ready for assessment. Coursework is typically completed within 16-20 weeks of enrolling (and completing your training) however all students are given 2 years by the Awarding Body to complete in full (including assessments) from the date of enrolment so this allows you to plan your training and home study to fit with your other commitments.

4) Once coursework is submitted, feedback is given by a qualified Assessor. Once your coursework is marked as completed, you will arrange to attend your practical assessment days. You will complete a written assessment day. You will also need to attend practical assessment days. You will require a different female model for each day of practical assessment.

5) You will be required to come to all lessons and complete all assessments in the correct uniform. This  includes- 
-Short Sleeves
-Black Tunic
-Hair tied out of face 
-Flat, enclosed Shoes 
-Stud earrings 
-Plain wedding band 
-Short clean nails (no polish or extensions) 

The VTCT course prices include training, coursework, assessment and registration fees (exclusive of VAT). Kits are required towards coursework and assessments; however these are not included in the course price.

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